Our approach

Experience meets automation
Ralph combines many years of experience of experts with modern service and automated back-office processes. Our experts have already encountered virtually every problem related to the real estate industry, we have a large network of partner companies, engineers, architects and other experts.

By automating many routine processes in property management with our specially developed software, we relieve our experienced managers: inside. This allows them to concentrate on the essentials and have more time for the customers.
Our strength lies in the proactive, parallel handling of different topics and in the management of complex redevelopments, where effective prioritization is required and several topics are to happen in parallel. We also have a large network of over 100 partner companies and experts.

Contact us promptly to secure capacity for your WEG. We are currently growing very fast.
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Dashboard for transparency, hybrid ETV

Our portal offers owners: inside access to all important documents, a live overview of the issues in your property, a history of the resolutions passed and much more. Of course, you can also participate digitally in the ETV and soon even vote conveniently digitally in advance.

This gives you access to all documents at any time. You also have a continuous "live" view of all finances and can look at every invoice.

Non-stop service. Or money back.

Owners: inside don't need your property management company often. But when you have a concern, you want to reach a human being and not be constantly on the phone afterward or waiting for office hours.
Therefore, we are available Monday-Friday from 09-19:00 - whether by phone, email or via WhatsApp. Our emergency service of course 24 hours, 7 days a week. We guaranteed answers to e-mails within 24 hours. Of course, each object has a personal caretaker.
You will receive the annual statement by the end of June at the latest or we will stop our current invoices. Delays are almost never due to the utilities, but to poorly organized processes.

Free switch, can be cancelled at any time

We don't want to work for clients because they are tied up in contracts, but because they count on Ralph. If you are not satisfied, you as the client can get out of our contract at any time - no questions asked.

In addition, switching to Ralph is free of charge and we will assist in organizing the ETV if requested. Don't lose heart: switching property management is much easier today than it used to be. You can also find more information here.

We will help you with the change of the property management, so that the project itself will hardly cost you any time. We contact the incumbent property management for you and pick up the files, then digitize them for you and make them available via the portal.

Background: Why do property managers often have a bad reputation?

Unfortunately, property management companies do not enjoy a good reputation in Germany.

There are several reasons for this:
Capacity problems
Higher requirements and certification
Too small team
Long contract terms
Switching used to be difficult
Lack of transparency and innovation