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Changing property managers has now become very easy and with Ralph it practically works on autopilot.
Leave us a message and we will get back to you to discuss in more detail. We answer 100% of the inquiries personally.
Changing property management has become very easy and works practically on autopilot with Ralph. Leave us a message and we will get back to you to discuss in more detail. We answer 100% of the inquiries personally.
Administration contract term:
If there is no breach of duty and immediate termination is possible, the administrator contract ends a maximum of 6 months after dismissal (see § 26 para. 2 sentence 2 WEG).
Resolution and required majority:
A simple majority (more than 50% of the votes) of the owners present at the meeting is sufficient for the removal of the current property management.
Chances are good that you will achieve the necessary majority at the meeting to dismiss the incumbent administrator? Then you can obtain offers from administrators. A quick search on Google is often enough, but there are also good comparison portals such as Hausverwalter-Vermittlung, Deutsche Hausverwalter or HausverwalterScout, which will forward your request to property managers.
Of course, it is helpful if the offers of the property management companies are as comparable as possible. We will therefore send you a service catalog for comparing the offers. You can then have the other administrations fill this out so that you have an overview of all services and costs. The devil is often in the details, so we strongly recommend that applicants ask for details.
Typically, before scheduling the meeting, you should have received at least three comparative bids that can be presented for a vote.
Once you have three offers, you can plan the decision.
If the owners' meeting of the current calendar year has not yet taken place, the owners usually ask the acting property management to include the resolution in the agenda. The acting property management is legally obliged to include this resolution. This should happen before the invitation to the meeting is sent out, otherwise some administrations even refuse to adjust the agenda within three weeks! If your WEG has already had an owners' meeting in the current calendar year or the acting administration refuses to include the resolution, a so-called extraordinary owners' meeting can be convened. This is not complicated, but we are happy to help you with it.
If your WEG has already had an owners' meeting in the current calendar year or if the acting administration refuses to include the resolution, you can call a so-called extraordinary owners' meeting yourself. This is not complicated, but we will gladly help you with it.
The agenda of the owners' meeting should include the following proposed resolutions.
  • Termination of the administrator's contract and dismissal of the administrator
  • Acceptance of the new administrator contract and appointment of the new administrator
On the day of the meeting of owners, the resolution on the change of management shall be submitted to the vote.
You cannot attend the meeting but would like to vote? All co-owners who cannot attend the meeting may, for example, give their neighbor a written power of attorney so that their vote counts despite their absence. It is important that this power of attorney is actually in the original, because a copy is not sufficient in an emergency!
As soon as the change is through, the newly appointed administration takes care of the handover. Funds, accounts and documents are handed over. Often this can take 1-2 months until the handover is finally completed. Often, only then can the work of the new property management really start.
Unlike most other management companies, there are no costs for your WEG when switching to Ralph. Ralph takes care of all the details.

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